AutoCAD highlight pattern field

Fields that store highlight patterns (fill colors, gradients, or hatch patterns) for querying drawings. You can assign each record a unique highlight pattern and then have program highlight in drawings items belonging to this record according to the defined highlight pattern.

For example, you may want to highlight rooms on a floor plan according to their room standard. Complete the Highlight Pattern - Acad field of the Room Standards table with a unique pattern for each room standard. Then, run tasks such as "Highlight Rooms by Standard" to visually see the standards of each room.

To define a highlight pattern, load a view for an item by which you can highlight, such as Departments or a standard view. Click on the AutoCAD highlight pattern field and complete the options in the resulting Set Highlight Pattern dialog box.

The color defined in an AutoCAD highlight pattern field can also be use for border highlights.

AutoCAD highlight pattern fields have an ARCHIBUS Field Type of "Hpattern Acad."


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