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Show a thematic legend in a grid for a Flash drawing

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Note: With the release of ARCHIBUS V.23.2, all ARCHIBUS views were converted to use the HTML drawing control instead of the Flash drawing control. If you have previously created views that use the Flash drawing control, the view's drawings will still work.

For new views that you create, ARCHIBUS, Inc. recommends using the HTML control, as the Flash control is slated for desupport in future versions of ARCHIBUS. For information on converting existing views with Flash drawings to HTML format, see Convert views with the Flash drawing control to the HTML drawing control.

In this rooms grid, rooms are assigned colors by department. The department color palette is stored in the highlight color field dp.hpattern_acad:

<dataSource id="reportInPanel_roomListDs">
    <table name="rm" role="main"/>
    <table name="dp" role="standard"/>
    <field table="rm" name = "rm_id"/>
    <field table="dp" name="hpattern_acad"/>

In the grid panel definition, the highlight color field is set to a controlType of color:

<panel type="grid" id="reportInPanel_rooms" dataSource="reportInPanel_roomListDs" layoutRegion="row2col2">
    <field table="rm" name="rm_id">
    <field table="dp" name="hpattern_acad" controlType="color">
        <title translatable="true">Legend</title>

To associate a grid's thematic legend with a drawing in the same view, you must also equalize the color opacity of the two controls:

var op = View.getControl('', 'reportInPanel_cadPanel').getFillOpacity();
View.getControl('', 'reportInPanel_rooms').setColorOpacity(op);
View.getControl('', 'reportInPanel_rooms').update();

Alternatively, and perhaps more easily, a legend may be displayed in a legend panel,

Flash Drawing  Control

However, compared to a legend panel, a grid panel provides extra flexibility by, for example, allowing for the inclusion of row actions or displaying field values aside from the table's primary key.

Flash Drawing Control

Example 1: http://localhost:8080/archibus/schema/ab-products/solutions/drawing-flash/ab-report-in-panel-drawing.axvw

Example 2: http://localhost:8080/archibus/schema/ab-products/solutions/drawing-flash/ab-assign-roomstandards-drawing.axvw

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