Embed a Flash drawing in a view

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Note: With the release of ARCHIBUS V.23.2, all ARCHIBUS views were converted to use the HTML drawing control instead of the Flash drawing control. If you have previously created views that use the Flash drawing control, the view's drawings will still work.

For new views that you create, ARCHIBUS, Inc. recommends using the HTML control, as the Flash control is slated for desupport in future versions of ARCHIBUS. For information on converting existing views with Flash drawings to HTML format, see Convert views with the Flash drawing control to the HTML drawing control.

The following is an example of a simple drawing view opened by a form's select-value button:

<view version="2.0">
    <dataSource id="namesDs" type="DrawingControlLabels">
         <table name="rm" role="main"/>
         <field name="bl_id" hidden="true"/>
         <field name="fl_id" hidden="true"/>
        <field name="rm_id"/>

    <panel type="drawing" id="cadPanel"

    <!-- Include JS event handlers for this view -->
    <js file="ab-ex-select-room.js"/>

Example view: http://localhost:8080/archibus/schema/ab-products/solutions/drawing-flash/ab-ex-select-room.axvw

A panel of type drawing displays the Flash-based drawing. This example allows the user to open a drawing panel, setting a restriction for the building and floor id. By default, the drawing panel will remain hidden until addDrawing() is called from JavaScript:


To display a drawing during view load, either load the drawing on startup from JavaScript using addDrawing() or specify the optional initialData panel attribute:

<panel type="drawing" id="toggleToolbar_cadPanel" labelsDataSource="toggleToolbar_labelNamesDs"
    initialData="[ 'fl.bl_id', 'HQ', 'fl.fl_id', '18']">

Example view: http://localhost:8080/archibus/schema/ab-products/solutions/drawing-flash/ab-floorsonly-drawing.axvw

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