What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1?

Enhanced Enterprise Asset Management Consoles

ARCHIBUS V.24.1 introduces a number of features in the Enterprise Asset Management consoles that help improve the productivity of asset management stakeholders.

Feature Benefit
  • Manage and record assets that exist outside of a building.
  • Additional information in Asset Edit forms, such as custody and ownership transactions.
  • Integrators now have more options to call an Asset Edit form for specific assets from other parts of ARCHIBUS, by passing parameters and restrictions.
  • Improved consistency across Asset Edit forms for Properties, Buildings, Equipment, and Furniture.

Improve productivity when managing large and diverse portfolio of assets.

Delivers a pleasant user experience, as well as better inform the user about the changes saved.

  • Enterprise Asset Management Consoles load faster with large asset portfolios.
Save time while performing complex asset related analysis and report generation.

Use the Asset Lifecycle Console to manage a large asset portfolio.

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