What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1?

Integration with BUILDER™ SMS

The BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS) is a web-based software application that helps civil engineers, technicians and managers decide when, where and how to best maintain building infrastructure. The BUILDER™ SMS process provides a proactive means of asset management and resource allocation.

ARCHIBUS has added the following enhancements for working with BUILDER™ SMS.

New BUILDER™ SMS Assessment Capabilities and Reports

The table below lists the new capabilities and associated benefits for BUILDER™ SMS inspections.

Feature Benefit
New methods of collecting the latest assessment results - on Smartphones, Desktop, Tablet, or a third party. Enable field inspection of assets and management of assessment results for in-house and outsourced staff, regardless of whether the assessor uses tablets, smartphones or desktops.
Perform direct-rating assessments, while being able to collect additional information. Group assets by their direct rating assessments and use this rating information to determine if the direct-rated asset or group of assets require normal maintenance, additional minor maintenance, additional maintenance required to return to acceptable service level, major overhaul, or the asset is non-serviceable and requires replacement.
Manage assessments as projects. Group asset assessment inspections by individual equipment and systems, improve planning and tracking of assessment projects. For example, assign a project with a set of assessments to specific assessors.
Additional operational and managerial reports. Reports like Equipment Failure Analysis, Equipment Maintenance History and Number of Work Requests for the same equipment allow assessment managers to identify assets that benefit the most from re-inspection.

Improved Management of BUILDER™ SMS Funding Sources and Work Plans

Integrating ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting and Project Management with BUILDER™ SMS Funding Sources and Work Plans provides these benefits.

Feature Benefit
  • Keep history of projects executed.
Access projects easily to conduct project postmortems. Use historical knowledge gained to better plan projects in the long term.
  • Group project activities into work-packages.
Manage bids for each work-package from different vendors. Helps to group and manage project activities that may be at different phases of a project, but require a vendor with the same trade skills.
  • Initiate and approve strategic asset projects.
  • Prioritize both projects, and activities within a project.
  • Organize project activities into phases.
  • Maintain the project folder and library of documents, such as bids and contracts.
  • Manage invoices and payments related to a project.

Implement a management process for projects. Gain better control over project execution.

Initiate more than just sustainability work projects and group all projects into a strategic master program.

New Asset Inventory Management and Reporting Capabilities

Feature Benefit
Improved reporting for section or equipment approaching end of service life, or having zero remaining life expectancy.

Plan for existing asset disposal and replacement to maintain business continuity.

Identify under-performing assets that may not be meeting service life expectations, and take appropriate action.

Asset Managers can now organize buildings into complexes and export to or import from BUILDER™ SMS.

This is especially useful if real estate portfolio inventory has a large number of buildings at a single site.

Such grouping helps to quickly identify and conduct asset management activities in buildings that have the same function (example: classroom buildings on a campus) or hold the same classes of assets, or have the same lessor or lessee.

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