What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1?

Manage Work Outside the Building

V.24.1 improves the ability to manage work outside the building with the help of the asset's geographic coordinates. Requestors can identify work locations on a map using both desktop and mobile devices, and supervisors and craftspeople can locate inside-building and outside-building work in a unified view. The benefit is an enhanced ability to work on campus-scale, such as being able to maintain equipment located on telephone poles, manholes or hand-holes, and an enhanced ability to manage work on a city scale, as for work at satellite offices.

Feature Benefit
  • Identify outside asset on map.
  • Store asset’s geographic coordinates with associated work request.
  • Mark external work request location on map.
  • Use Ops Console filter to show external work on map.

Locate, document, and view all work, inside and out, which leads to better planning and efficient use of resources

Examples of outside assets: utility equipment (electricity distribution boxes, telephone pole equipment), manholes, fire hydrants.

A yellow circle on the map locates an outside asset, such as a street light. Maintenance teams can manage work on the asset, as they would for any asset inside a facility.

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