What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1?

Multiple Service Request Capability Aids Inspection Follow-up

In previous releases, it was possible to initiate just one follow-up action per question in a questionnaire. This was limiting in cases where multiple follow-up actions were needed to resolve an issue noted in a questionnaire response. In V.24.1, it is now possible to initiate multiple service requests per questionnaire question.

Feature Benefit
Respondents can initiate multiple service requests as needed.

ARCHIBUS handles the created service requests like other service requests. This ensures that:

  • The issues noted during inspections or by site occupants in questionnaires can be recorded and prioritized promptly.
  • Multiple issues can be processed at the same time.
  • Maintain employee and organizational performance at the highest level.

As a respondent, you can create service requests directly from a questionnaire form. Click Create Request in the questionnaire to open the service request form, then enter details for the service request. You can also edit created service requests before you submit them.

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