What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1?

Differentiate Space Allocation from Occupancy in Space Transactions

With V.24.1, Space Transactions separately captures allocation and occupancy changes for a given space. The following example illustrates:

If a room space has 50% allocated to Department A, and 50% allocated to Department B, with a total of four room occupants, each occupant occupies 25% of the room. Now a fifth occupant from Department A is added to the room, giving each occupant 20% of the room. In this case, ARCHIBUS now maintains the department allocations at 50% each, even though the portion of the room area occupied by each of the five occupants has changed.

The table below summarizes these benefits:

Features Benefits
Department allocations only affect space use and chargebacks. Employees may be assigned and reassigned without affecting space use.

Support instances of indirect cost recovery, such as in education and healthcare.

Ensure department allocations remain fixed for chargebacks, though occupancy for department’s allocated space may change.

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