What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1?

Self-service at the Speed of Business

The new self-service ARCHIBUS Workplace interface is a responsive Web application that makes it easy for anyone to request maintenance and services, reserve spaces, and find everything they need. With a seamless experience across phones, tablets, desktops and kiosks, ARCHIBUS Workplace connects users to their workstations, conference rooms, and equipment through an easy online system, complete with interactive floor plans and QR codes. With Workplace, users can also view the requests they have made.

When managers sign into ARCHIBUS Workplace, they receive additional features for tracking all requests in one place and accessing alerts and metrics to optimize their workplace strategy.

There are a few ways to access ARCHIBUS Workplace:


To load ARCHIBUS Workplace

To designate a device as a lobby kiosk or a room kiosk

To print QR codes for rooms or equipment

To add ARCHIBUS Workplace to the home page of a phone or tablet

The application contains the necessary web manifest entries so that users can add the dashboard as an application on the home page of their phone or tablet:

Help topics

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