What's New in ARCHIBUS V.24.1?

Increase the Value of the ARCHIBUS Extension for Lease Accounting

ARCHIBUS applications that add value to the lease accounting extension include:

Application Benefit
Enterprise Asset Management Track single or multiple equipment items per lease, equipment location, chain of custody, and equipment disposition.
Real Estate Portfolio Management Coordinate leased and owned portfolio in an integrated view.
Capital Budgeting Coordinate mission objectives with the capital programs and funding allocations that drive buy, lease and reconfiguration projects within the portfolio.
Strategic Financial Analysis Review alignment of portfolio, capital and expenses to the overall mission. Objectively rate performance on different elements of your portfolio on an even basis.
Strategic Master Planning Plan demand and supply of portfolio closely with individual business unit missions and needs.
Space Inventory & Performance Optimize operation of space using traditional or alternative workspace methodologies.
ARCHIBUS Performance Metrics Framework Use key-performance metrics to optimize your portfolio and the teams that manage it.
ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extensions for AutoCAD & Revit Use CAD and BIM to accurately record and visualize your holdings.
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