Environmental & Risk Management / Emergency Preparedness / Assessment Team

Updating Facility Status by Using Drawings

When responding to a workplace emergency and updating the status of rooms and equipment, you may wish to view these items in terms of the particular zones that cover them.

For example, if an emergency has disabled an HVAC system that serves a particular HVAC zone, you may wish to update the status of the rooms and equipment located within this zone. You can see the rooms and equipment located within a zone by examining the floor plan drawings.

To update room and equipment status by zone:

  1. On the Process Navigator, load the Emergency Preparedness / Assessment Team / Highlight Zones task.
  2. In the left pane, drill down to the building and floor whose zones you want to examine. The system loads the floor plan drawing for the selected floor.
  3. In the bottom pane, choose the zone (hazardous material, smoke, alarm, etc) that you wish to display in the drawing.
  4. Note the general area covered by the affected zone and the room outlines located within this zone. For example, you might have three security zones, and have a situation in which the west wing zone is disabled. By examining the room outlines in the drawing, you can note the rooms located within this zone.
  5. In the bottom left pane, choose to display room or equipment information.
  6. For each room or equipment item located within the affected zone (as noted in step 4), you can update the status. Select a set of room or equipment records, and then choose the Update Recovery Status button. Choose an appropriate status to reflect the current situation.
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