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Manage Document Library

In organizing your emergency preparedness procedures, you may find that you have several documents that you want to make available to staff, assessment teams, managers, recover teams, and others involved in preparing or recovering from an emergency. These documents might be building-specific, or general corporate-wide procedures.

For example, you might have these types of documents:

With the Manage Document Library task, you can check in your emergency preparedness documents to the document library so that others can access them. You can associate the documents with specific departments, buildings, equipment items, and so on. For easy retrieval, you can specify a folder structure or a document category.

As needed, you can update the documents and check in updated versions to the document library.


To establish a library for emergency preparedness documents, follow these steps.

  1. Establish the document library folders and document categories and types for the document management system using:
  1. Use the Documentation / Manage Document Library task to add documents to the library, check in new documents, associate documents with locations, and so on.
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