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Creating and Updating Advisory Bulletins

Emergency preparedness and response managers need to notify members of the organization as quickly and easily as possible when there is an emergency or urgent matter. This is a challenging task because frequently the notification needs to go to a subset of the organization, such as by location (floor, building, property, site) or other association (division, department, vendors, contacts).

To communicate information during an emergency, you can issue advisory bulletins informing employees and managers on how to proceed, such as to report to an alternate site, not to report to work until further notice, and so forth. You can then convey the advisory by:

You can create two levels of advisory bulletins: one for general staff and one for managers. Advisory bulletins for general staff and managers may differ as the manager bulletins might provide a level of detail that is appropriate for managers.

Viewing advisory bulletins

Employees (staff members) can view general advisory bulletins by choosing the Staff / View Advisory Bulletin for Employees task.

Managers can view advisory bulletins for managers by choosing the Manager / View Advisory Bulletin for Managers task.

Creating an advisory bulletin

  1. On the Process Navigator, choose the Update Advisory Bulletins task.
  2. Choose whether the bulletin is for general staff or managers.
  3. In the Bulletin Text field, enter the message you wish to post to users. As part of your bulletin message, you may wish to include the time and date that you are creating the message.  Note that there may be existing text from a previous bulletin that you can update or overwrite.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. If staff members have access to ARCHIBUS, they can now use the Environmental & Risk Management / Emergency Preparedness / Staff / View Advisory Bulletin for Employees task to view the bulletin.

Note: As soon as you create an employee or manager bulletin, it overwrites the current employee or manager bulletin. This is to ensure that the posted advisory is always the most recent.

Emailing advisory bulletins

If you wish, you can email the advisory to a group of employees or building visitors. Emailing the advisory ensures that parties are notified of the To do so,

  1. Follow the above procedure and be sure to complete the Email From and Email Subject fields.
  2. Select the Email Bulletin button in the lower right corner.
  3. In the resulting form, specify the recipients to receive the advisory, such as all employees in the building, all employees in a department, and so on. You select the general recipients and then narrow this group by choosing the fields in the filter. For example, if you want all employees of a certain department, choose the Employees check box and specify the department in the Department field: You can choose to send email to:
  1. Choose Bcc or Individual, depending on whether you want recipients to see the email addresses of others receiving this same email.
  2. Click Show, and the system lists the people who will receive the advisory bulletin in an email. If you need to further adjust the list, you can return to the filter options at the to[ of the from and make changes.
  3. When satisfied with the list of recipients, choose "Email Bulletin to Recipients."
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