security group

A setting that determines to which ARCHIBUS information a user has access. Security groups can control the Process Navigator, dashboards, and home page entries that a user can see, the database fields a user can view and edit, actions that a user can take on a view. For example, you can establish that only users in the Finance security group can view and edit the fields in the Employees table holding salary data, only users in the Finance security group have access to the Analyze Finances process of the Building Operations domain, only certain users have edit privileges for the Space Console, and so on.

The ARCHIBUS system also uses security groups to control the groups that can review documents of the document library; that is to say, the ARCHIBUS Security Users table validates the Document Review Group field.

To establish security, an administrator assigns security groups to roles, which in turn are assigned to users. Each role can belong to multiple security groups and each user can belong to multiple roles.

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