Workplace Services / Reservations

Copying a Room or Resource Reservation

A quick way to create a new reservation that is similar to an existing reservation is to copy the existing reservation and give it a new date.

To copy an existing room or resource reservation to create a new one:

  1. From the Process Navigator's Reserve Rooms and/or Resources process, select the View and/or Edit My Reservations task.
  2. Select either the My Rooms Reservations or My Resource Reservations tab.
  3. Enter search criteria to narrow your search results. For example, enter a From date to view all reservations for a given date.
  4. Click the Show button.
  5. Find the reservation you want to copy and click the Copy button next to this reservation.
  6. Enter a Date Start for the reservation in the Copy Reservation form, and click Submit.

    The single reservation you selected is copied to the date you specified. If you selected a reservation that is part of a recurring reservation, just the single occurrence is copied.

    The value entered for the # of Attendees in Room field (reserve_rm.attendees_in_room) for the original reservation is copied to the new reservation.

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