estimated area (buildings or land)

The estimated area provides a summary of the area for a building or land, using the most accurate data you have stored in Archibus. In the Real Estate Portfolio Management's Portfolio Management application, the total estimated area is calculated for a group of buildings or land that you select, and is shown in key performance indicator charts. The total estimated area helps you assess how much area you have by location, how you are currently using your facility areas, and what the trends are based on historical data.

The calculation for total estimated area differs for buildings and for land. The calculations are as follows:

For buildings: The total estimated area is the sum of either the Area Usable or the Suite Area Manual Entry for each suite associated with the building. Each suite is evaluated to determine which of these measurements to use; the suite's Area Usable is used by default unless it is zero, in which case the Suite Area Manual is used.

For land: The total estimated area is either the Area – CAD or the Manual Area entered for the property; the Area -- CAD is used unless it is zero, in which case the Manual Area is used.

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