A user's locale defines the country, language, date format, and currency that you use with Archibus.

An administrator sets a user's locale by editing the user's entry in the Archibus Users table. In Web Central, if the entry in the Archibus Users table for a particular user is set for a locale that is not enabled on the server accessed by this user, the user will get the default locale. To enable a locale for the server, a system manager must edit the afm-config.xml file.

Regular non-administrator users can use Web Central's User Profile form to change the locale set by the administrator. The User Profile form presents only locales that are enabled on the server accessed by this user.

In Smart Client, you set the locale using the Preferences form. This locale setting is independent from the locale set in Web Central.

For Archibus mobile apps, you control locale by setting the default language of your mobile device.

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