Revision History for V.25.2

Included in this topic are fixes and changes to programs, modules, and applications, as well as known limitations. For a description of enhancements and new features in Archibus business applications and modules, mobile apps, platforms, and customization, see What's New in Archibus V.25.2

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Note:. While the documentation provided with V.25.2 gives an overview of the V.25.2 functionality, Archibus continues to add documentation on feature details and usage notes. Should you want the most recent available information, please check the version of the help that is available online at the links below. If you are at a secure site with policy restrictions governing Internet access, and you wish to receive an updated version of the latest help, please contact Archibus Technical Support.

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Changes in Archibus V.25.2

Known Limitations of this Version of:

Changes in Archibus Help

Changes in Web Central

Changes in Smart Client

Grid updates

Revit updates

AutoCAD updates

Changes in Mobile

Changes in Archibus Cloud

Changes in System Management

Changes in Web Central Platform


Archibus Cloud deployment

Grid 3.0 Control

Drawing Control

Security updates

Library updates


Changes in Space

Changes in Workplace

Changes in Maintenance

Changes in Reservations

Changes in Service Desk

Changes in Hoteling

Changes in Assets

Changes in Risk

Hazard Abatement


Health & Safety

Changes in Capital Projects

Changes in Real Estate

Changes in Reservations Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Archibus Help known limitations

Archibus Cloud known limitations

Mobile Framework known limitations

Web Central known limitations

Smart Client known limitations

Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD known limitations

Smart Client Extension for Revit known limitations

Database known limitations

System Administration known limitations

Mobile App known limitations

Workplace known limitations

Space known limitations

Assets known limitations

Enterprise Assets known limitations

Asset Portal known limitations

Maintenance known limitations

Workplace Services known limitations

Reservations known limitations

Service Desk known limitations

Real Property known limitations

Leases cloud module / Leases application known limitations

Portfolio known limitations

Costs known limitations

Portfolio Forecasting known limitations

Strategic Financial Analysis known limitations

Sustainability & Risk known limitations

Green Building known limitations

Hazard Abatement known limitations

Compliance known limitations

Waste known limitations

Energy known limitations

Capital Projects known limitations

Condition Assessment known limitations

Projects known limitations

  1. Start the Extension and open the Archibus project and drawing for the action items you wish to display in the Projects Map.
  2. Use the Set Asset Layer command to change the current layer to activity_log / Action Items.
  3. Draw a polyline inside the room asset symbol for the action item. For example, draw a rectangular polyline inside the boundaries of room 107 to associate the action item with that room.
  4. Select the Archibus Attach to Record command and select the polyline you just created.
  5. In the Attach to Record dialog, select the Action Item you wish to display in the Projects Map and click OK.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each room and action item you wish to map.
  7. Save the drawing and run Publish Enterprise Graphics
  8. Copy the enterprise graphics to your project (e.g. to projects\hq\enterprise-graphics\).

Extensions for BUILDERTM SMS known limitations

Archibus Extension for Lease Accounting known limitations

The following limitations will be corrected in a future release or update.

Reservations Plugin for Microsoft Outlook known limitations

Connectors known limitations