What's New in Archibus V. 25.2?

Application and UI Improvements


You can now access reference docs for archived work using the Search and Manage Work Requests task. See Search and Manage Work Requests.

Capital Projects

When working with projects, you can now import and export Microsoft Project 2016 projects. See Exporting Data to Microsoft Project.

Company Logo

Administrators can now display their customer logo in the view header using the System / System / Archibus Administrator - Application Configuration / Edit Logo task. Previously, a company entered their logo by overwriting \ab-core\graphics\customer-logo\customer-logo.png. Since sites working on a hosted Cloud deployment did not have easy access to this file, we have added this task so you can upload your logo file to the database.

In addition to displaying the logo in the Web Central header, you can now include a logo in the Workplace self-service view. To accommodate the different backgrounds of the Web Central header and the Workplace self-service view, the Edit Logo task supports two logo files. You can create a logo file with a dark background for use in the Web Central header and one with a light background for Workplace.

For information, see Upload a Company Logo.


The self-service Workplace view has the following enhancements: