What's New in Archibus V. 25.2?

Return to Work: Workplace Planning

Workplace planning focuses on:

Determine Returning Employees

Typically, companies bring back employees to the office in phases or shifts, with the employees most requiring office space returning first. As a preliminary step for your return-to-work strategy, you need to indicate employees who will permanently remain remote, and the phases in which other employees will return to the facility. The Space / Space Inventory / Department Manager / Mark Employees for Return to Work is a new view for indicating each employee's return-to-work status and includes the flowing new fields to denote return to work:

For information on using this view, see Mark Employees for Return to Work.

Assign Employees to Safe Seats

Once you determine the employees who will be returning and requiring permanent seats, you can use the Space Console to make queries that will help you locate appropriate spaces for these employees.

For information, see Create a Return-to-Work Occupancy Plan with Assigned Seats.