What's New in Archibus V. 25.2?

Space Improvements

Space Planning

Many enhancements designed for Return to Work were trends before the pandemic, and will continue going forward.

Even if you do not use the Space features specifically for managing Return to Work, you can use the features for general space planning. For example:

For information, see Mark Employees for Return to Work.

Space Console

From the Space Console, you can now export for printing floor plan drawings that contain border highlights. For information, see Export and Print Highlighted Floor Plans.

You can retain active layers as you switch between floor plans, and you can define default layers. The Layers command now includes published text layers so that you can use the Layers command to turn them on or off as needed. See Change the Layers Displayed on Floor Plans.

Move Console

The Move Console differentiates employees who are part of the move project from employees who are already assigned to a selected floor and shown as reference. As shown below, employees to move are shown in blue, and employees assigned to floor shown in black as a reference. For information, see the "Employee Labels" section of the Create an Occupancy Scenario topic.

Building Performance Report

The Space / Space Inventory / Building Performance / Building Performance report now includes a bar chart. See Building Performance report.