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Organizations around the world are subject to a vast array of local, regional, national, and international laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to their properties and facilities. Organizations might also have internal programs and policies that they need to manage. Tracking these requirements is a complex task given the large number of requirements, the critical need to complete these requirements on schedule, and the potentially large fines and penalties for noncompliance. Moreover, many of the items that you must keep in compliance are managed and maintained by outside providers who are specialized in this area and who you contract to do this work.

Using the Archibus Compliance application, you can organize your compliance information by regulation, program, and requirements, enabling you to:

Compliance Program Managers use the application to manage all aspects of their compliance programs, while Compliance Program Coordinators manage programs and requirements that are assigned to them.

If you are using the Archibus Projects application, the Compliance Project Manager can create compliance projects that also appear in the Projects application. From Projects, you can manage all aspects of the project to do top-level planning across multiple compliance programs.

Compliance Management


This is available in both Archibus SaaS and the Archibus non-SaaS offering.

  • Sustainability & Risk/ Compliance Management

Business Result

Improve operational efficiency and significantly reduce the staggering costs, risks, complexity, and time associated with the management of regulations, compliance programs, and their requirements.

Reduce liability and avoid costly fines and remediation by gaining full control over compliance regulations, programs, requirements, contracts, obligations, events, documentation, and audits.

Used By

Compliance Project Manager

Compliance Program Manager

Compliance Program Coordinator

Compliance Officers/Auditors


Contract Managers

Mobile Users

Reasons for Automating

Better meet regulatory compliance requirements by gaining full control over the daunting complexity of compliance program management.

Decrease risk and regulatory violations by reducing errors and omissions so that requirements are not missed.

Save time and increase operational efficiency, thereby minimizing costs, by reducing the manual effort involved in managing the large volumes of information and communications associated with compliance programs.

Avoid costly fines and penalties arising from regulatory violations, by using a flexible email notification/reminder system to eliminate missed requirements and due dates.

Ensure timely renewal of permits and licenses by using a reminder system.

Better prepare for regulatory audits by producing a defensible audit trail of documents and completed actions.

Better manage the financial impact of regulatory compliance by tracking costs and fines associated with compliance programs and individual requirements.

Model contracts for outsourced work.

Ensure the contracted work is being performed well and on time by executing field-based inspections related to compliance and contract requirements.

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The following users are typically involved in managing compliance.



Risk & Compliance Officers

Prepare for audits

Track and forecast compliance costs

Compliance Project Manager

Performs top-level project planning, management, and coordination across multiple compliance program projects.

Compliance Program Manager

Creates, tracks, and manages regulations, programs, requirements, and documentation.

Schedules and assigns associated actions and events, both one-time and recurring, and tracks and updates their status.

Assigns notification templates to programs, requirements or events, and receives notifications of upcoming/overdue/missed actions and events

Tracks and manages license and permit renewals. Tracks audits, violations, penalties, and fines.

Defines questionnaires and schedules inspections the facility to verify that it is in compliance with regulations.

Compliance Program Coordinator

Reviews and updates their assigned compliance events.

Receives notifications of upcoming/overdue/missed actions and events.

Compliance Officer/Auditor Reviews applicable Compliance summaries and documents.
Contract Manager

Models all aspects of a contract in a consistent, ordered structure.

Maintains communication logs of vendor contacts.

Schedules reminders and notifications for contract-related activities, such as review and renewal dates.

Defines questionnaires and schedules inspections of contractors' work.

Executive Reviews management reports, such as the Compliance Program Map report that provides an overview of the compliance status of their entire organization by location, including total non-compliance program counts, total violations and fines by location and year.
Mobile user Uses the Compliance Surveys mobile app to independently verify the work of contractors, and verify that facility areas are in compliance with regulations.

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