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Define Port Standards

Define port standards to document the types of ports used in your telecom network.

Use this task to define port standards for the ports on patch panels and telecom area equipment.

To define a new port standard:

  1. Select Define Port Standards task from a path listed at the top of this topic.

    The Define Port Standards view opens.

  2. Click Add New above the list of port standards.
  3. In the right pane, enter data to define a new port standard.
    Port Standard

    Enter a unique value to identify this port standard. Each standard corresponds to a particular type of port. The sample database contains these port standards:

    • AUI-PORT-A is an AUI Hub Port
    • AUI-PORT-S is an AUI Switch Port
    • STD-PORT-A is a Standard Hub Port
    • STD-PORT-E is a Standard Ethernet Port
    • STD-PORT-R is a Standard Router Port
    • STD-PORT-S is a Standard Switch Port

    The port standard is a required entry.

    Connector TypeEnter the connector type, such as RJ45 or IBM.
    Port Standard Description

    Briefly describe the port standard, as in the list of standards above. The description might also specify whether the standard applies to a patch panel port or an equipment port.

  4. Click Save to save the new port standard.

    The new port standard appears in the Port Standards list.