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Define Software Standards

You first develop your software standards, which contain the types of software programs used by your organization. When you develop standards for your software you can store information such as the version of the software. If you update the standard, such as when upgrading your software, making the version change for the standard also updates all the records that are assigned to that standard. Developing standards is an efficient way to maintain your software inventory.

The standards can include desktop software and server software. Desktop software is installed directly on the user's machine. The only machine that uses the software is the desktop on which the software is installed. Server software is installed on a server and accessed remotely by one or more client machines.

After you have developed your software standards, you can:

To define your software standards

  1. Select the Define Software Standards task.
  2. Click Add New at the top of the Software Standards list.
  3. Complete the following required field in the Edit Software Standards panel:

    Software Standard: Enter a unique value for this software standard. For example, Archibus.

  4. Complete the following recommended fields to further describe the software standard:

    Manufacturer -- Enter the name of the company that manufactures this software program.

    Software Version -- Enter the software's version number. For example, 20.1.

    Software Std. Description -- Enter a descriptive name for this software standard. For example, Archibus Facilities Management Software.

  5. Click Save.