For a building system, a particular portion of the system on a specified floor.

For example, you can divide a floor's electrical system into three zones – East, West, and Central. You can then indicate these areas on CAD drawings.

Once you develop zones, you can provide them to first responders in emergency situations so that they can identify at-risk areas. You can also use them to visually identify the rooms and equipment affected by a system failure; that is, you can visually see all the rooms and equipment located within a zone of a building system.

Potential zones are:

Zones are used by the Emergency Preparedness application, but not by the Assets domain.

In Archibus Healthcare, you do not indicate zones on the floor plan by drawing polylines to create zone asset symbols. Instead, you create a record in the Zones table and assign rooms to the zone. You can then graphically see the zone by highlighting the floor plan by zones.