enterprise graphics

The collection of graphic files that are generated from CAD drawings and Revit models for use in:

To generate enterprise graphics from a CAD drawing, you:

Drawings are output to the following types of files:

Type Description


(scalable vector file)

This file is an XML file that combines background data and intelligent data in one file.

These files are useful for creating graphics for mobile devices, as SVG graphics do not lose quality if they are zoomed or resized.

Beginning with Archibus V.23.2, all Web Central views were converted from using the SWF (Flash drawing control) format to using SVG (HTML drawing control

For use with most Web Central views prior to V.23.2
These files are used in paginated reports instead of the .SWF files
JSON (.JSON.zlib file): This file contains the Archibus asset data, such as room boundaries and their primary key information for a room asset file. For use with enhanced map views.
KML Create files that are suitable for use with enhanced map views using Google Maps and Google Earth

The generated enterprise graphic files are stored in the projects folder, such as /Archibus/projects/hq/enterprise-graphics.