highlighted drawing

A drawing that indicates its items with a highlight color based on information from the database. For example, a drawing might highlight rooms by the department that uses them, highlight rooms that are vacant, highlight rooms with outstanding service requests, or highlight suites whose leases are coming due during the next quarter.

In order for the system to display highlighted drawings in Web views, a CAD user must save the CAD drawing as a set of enterprise graphics.

While Web some views immediately display a specific highlight, other views present the floor plan drawing and enable the user to pick the type of information they want to highlight on the drawing. Additionally, some views present the user with the option of highlighting two pieces of information at once by using both fill highlights and border highlights; for example, filling rooms with a color associated with the department that uses the room as well as outlining the border of the room with the color associated with the room's room standard.

When highlighting a drawing's items by ownership, the system consults the highlight pattern field in order to know the color to use. For example, the Departments table contains an Acad Highlight Pattern field which define the color by which each department item should be highlighted.

Views may also present the user with a legend that indicates the value that each fill and border highlight represents, as well as the option of including labeling text on the drawing.

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