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Working with Documents: Overview

As a Compliance Program Manager, you need to track, organize, and manage a large volume of many different types of documents related to compliance activity. These documents are required to successfully pass regulatory audits, and to reduce liability risk by providing documentation in the event of litigation due to an accident or health-related incident where compliance comes into question. The Compliance Management application provides you with several means of storing and organizing documents that greatly facilitates locating and managing them.

Using Document Folders, Categories, and Types

You can associate documents with Document Folders or a Document Category and Document Type to facilitate locating them. This is especially useful for generic documents that do not apply to a single record, such as documents that define your best practices. However, you can associate any document, including those that are added to a single record, with a Document Folder, Category, or Type. Your Business Process Owner defines the Document Folders, Categories, and Types available to you. See Define Document Library Folders and Defining Document Categories and Types.

Adding Documents for Compliance Records

From tasks for managing compliance, you can associate compliance documents with compliance records (regulations, programs, requirements, contracts, contraevents, or locations). For example, from the Manage Compliance Programs task, you can add a document for a selected program. From the Manage Compliance Locations task, you can add a document for a selected location. You can then search for documents by their associated record. See Adding Documents for Compliance Records.

Managing the Document Library

You can manage all documents--those that have been added for a specific compliance record, and those that are associated with a Document Folder--from the Manage Document Library task. See Managing the Document Library.

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