A file associated with a record that users can access in Web Central or with ARCHIBUS mobile apps.

A document is stored in a record's document field. For example,

Web Central

In Web Central, users access the document using the ARCHIBUS document management system. If they have editing permissions, they can also check out a document for editing, lock and unlock it, and check in a revised version.

The System Administrator at your site determines:


An ARCHIBUS mobile user can review a record's documents if the document is png, jpeg, pdf, docx, xlsx, or pptx. The mobile user taps the app's Documents button to receive a list of attached documents and then views them on the mobile app.

Additionally, mobile app users can use the camera feature of some ARCHIBUS mobile apps to photograph areas and attach the photo to a record. When the user syncs the mobile device, the system uploads these images in the corresponding document fields of the appropriate table, such as uploading a photo of an area that needs repair to the Document field of the Work Requests table.

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