Environmental & Risk Management / Emergency Preparedness / Staff


As a staff member, you may need to access status reports on the current condition of the site. For example, in the case of an emergency you may need to check on how to proceed, such as to report to an alternate site, not to report to work until further notice, and so forth.

Managers, recovery team members, or emergency response team members at your site post advisories on the company intranet or a secure place of the company web site so that you can sign in from home and access information about the situation.

View Egress and Occupancy Plans

Staff can check the best way to exit the building in the event of an emergency by consulting the Egress and Occupancy Plan.

View Advisory Bulletins for Employees

To access information about the current condition:

  1. Choose the Environmental & Risk Management / Emergency Preparedness / Staff / View Advisory Bulletin for Employees task.
  2. The system presents a notice on the current condition.


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