workplace incident

An accident, mishap, or event occurring at the workplace or otherwise job-related that may compromise employee health immediately or in the long term. Examples are: having an automobile accident while driving a company-owned vehicle, sustaining burns from exposure to a hazardous chemical, falling on an icy sidewalk while entering the building, pulling a back muscle when lifting a heavy object.

Carefully documenting a workplace incident, including the eye-witnesses, required medical treatment, the root cause of the problem, the specific conditions and events leading up to the incident, the immediate and long-term response, and so on is important for ensuring the employee's safety, preventing similar problems in the future, and spotting safety-related trends. Additionally, detailed documentation may be required for worker compensation and government reporting.

With the ARCHIBUS EH&S system, safety officers can enter the details of an incident and its response. Additionally, occasional users can report basic incident information, which can then be routed to a safety officer who will enter further details and follow-up actions.

An incident documents the required medical monitoring, workplace restrictions, additional training, and additional PPE for an individual person involved in an accident. If multiple people are involved in a workplace mishap, you create a separate incident record for each person and group the incidents together using the Group Incident Code field.

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