training program

To ensure employee safety, the proper operation of equipment, the safe handling of materials, and compliance with government recommendations, safety officers must see that employees undergo periodic training. For example, a site might require initial training on the use of a particular type of equipment and then yearly refresher courses on using this item. Other examples are training programs on eye safety, proper lifting techniques, industrial ergonomics, ladder safety, and asbestos handling. Additionally, a site might have general safety-related training for all employees, such as training on emergency building evacuation.

Safety officers establish and manage training programs and then assign employees to specific programs based on an employee's position, equipment used, substances handled, and so forth.

In addition to regularly scheduling training, a safety officer may require training in response to a workplace incident. For example, if a workplace mishap occurred because the employee was not properly handling a hazardous substance, the safety officer may initiate a special training session for all employees who handle this item.


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