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Canceling Multiple Reservations at Once - Reservation Managers

If you are assigned to the RESERVATION MANAGER user role, the Cancel Selected button is available to you. Using this button, you can cancel multiple reservations at once.

For example, if one particular floor of a building is under renovation for a week, you can cancel all reservations on that floor for that week at once. You might need to cancel a large number of reservations in a particular building due to an emergency, such as a power outage or water main break. By canceling these reservations, the manager can quickly inform all requestors that have a reservation on a particular day. You can also enter a comment for the cancellation, so that you can inform attendees of the reason for the cancellation. You can cancel both room and resource reservations in this way.

Procedure - Canceling Multiple Room or Resource Reservations

This procedure describes canceling multiple reservations that you select. If the reservation is a recurring reservation, using this method, you must search for and select each reservation in the series to cancel it.

Note: To cancel multiple reservations, you must be logged on as the Reservations Manager.

To cancel multiple reservations:

  1. From the Process Navigator's Reserve Rooms and/or Resources process, select the View and/or Edit My Reservations task.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. In the Filter, enter search criteria to narrow your search results. For example, enter a From date to view all room and resource reservations starting from a given date. Or, enter a location and a From date to cancel multiple reservations for a specific location starting from a particular date.
  4. Click Show.

    The Room Reservations or Resources Reservations list shows all reservations matching your criteria.

  5. Depending on whether you are canceling a room or a resource-only reservation, find the room or resource reservations you want to cancel, and select the check boxes for these reservations. To cancel all reservations shown, select the check box at the top of the column.

    Notice that the Reservation Type field indicates whether the reservation is a regular (single) or recurring reservation. Since each occurrence of a recurring reservation is listed separately, you can select all or some of the occurrences. To cancel the entire set of occurrences, select them all.

  6. Click the Cancel Selected button.

    Before continuing, the application verifies that all selected reservations can be cancelled. If some of the reservations cannot be cancelled, an error message “Some reservations cannot be cancelled.” is shown, with a list of the reservation IDs that couldn't be cancelled.

    The Confirm cancel reservations form appears.

  7. Enter the reason for the cancellation, or any other pertinent information in the comments text box. These comments appear in the body of the email notification.
  8. Click Confirm.

    The system checks that the reservation's start time is later than the site's current time, and that the resource's or arrangement's cancellation time is also later than the site's current time. You cannot cancel a reservation if these requirements are not met

    The reservation is canceled.

    If you have the ARCHIBUS Extension for Exchange , Exchange sends the emails; otherwise Web Central sends the email notifications to all attendees and the meeting requestor.

    If some of the reservations you selected could not be canceled, a message appears giving the Reservation Codes for these reservations. Click OK to dismiss the message. For example, this message displays for reservations that were rejected, and therefore cannot be cancelled.

    The Reservation Application retrieves the Exchange meeting based on the outlook_unique_id stored in the reservation. It instructs Exchange to delete the meeting from the requestor’s calendar, and to send cancellation messages to all attendees.

    If the corresponding Exchange meeting is not found, a message informs of this.


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