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Enter Parcels

Property managers and their staff must record and calculate taxes accurately to ensure compliance and avoid significant penalties. Tax authorities calculate and collect property taxes by land parcel. For this reason, Property Managers must first record information for specific parcels that are part of a land property before cost administrators can assign tax costs to those parcels.

From the Parcels tab of the Add/Edit Wizard, you can add parcels to properties.

Access the Parcels Pane

You enter contacts using the Parcels pane accessed from:

Entering Parcel Information

Each land property may be comprised of one or more parcels, so you can add multiple parcels to a property.

To add a parcel:

  1. Click Add New at the top of the Parcels pane for the property for which you are adding parcel information.

    The Add / Edit Parcels pane clears so you can enter information for a new parcel.

  1. Enter the following required field: 

    Property Code: When working from the Manage Parcels task, select the property for which you are adding the parcel. When adding a parcel from the Add /Edit Wizard, you have already selected the property, so this field is not shown.

    Parcel Code. A unique identifier for the parcel.

  2. Enter the following fields as needed.

    Parcel Name. A short descriptive name for the parcel to help you identify it in lists, such as Headquarters One

    Block: Enter the block number for this parcel.

    Lot. Enter the lot number for this parcel.

    Location. Describe the location for this parcel that distinguishes it from other parcels for the property. For example, enter Front to distinguish a front parcel from a back parcel.

    Parcel Description. Provide any additional information for the parcel.

    Latitude / Longitude. Currently not used.

    Parcel Image. You can take a snapshot of the parcel, and upload the image. You must first save the parcel record before the Check in New Document arrow is available in this field.

    Map URL. If you want to link to a public map that shows the parcel, enter the permalink to the online public GIS map. See Viewing Parcels on a Map for details.

  3. Click Save.

Next Steps from the Add/Edit Wizard

Click Continue to go to the Documents tab to associate documents with the land.

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