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Define Teams for Asset Management

A team -- a group of associated employees, often from different departments and optionally vendors and contacts -- can support an asset throughout its lifecycle.

Assets can have teams that support different activities such as training, operations, maintenance, moving, calibration, commissioning, assessments, appraisals, budgeting, optimization, and disposal. Additionally, many teams have expertise based on location, since the local markets or regulations can vary between countries. For example, the finance, tax, and legal teams will vary by country, as will the hazmat teams.

Once you define equipment teams, you can:

Note: An employee can be assigned to support equipment without being a member of a support team. See Assign Team Members to Equipment


Your site may have already developed teams when working with other ARCHIBUS applications. If so, you may need to complete the fields specific to asset management: Custodian Type, Digital Signature.

  1. From the Process Navigator or home page, select the Define Team Properties task.

    The Team Properties list shows the list of teams you have already defined.

  2. Click the plus sign .

    The Team Properties pane appears.

  3. Enter the following required information for defining a team:
Field Description
Team Code Enter the unique identifier for the team. This is required.
Team Name Enter a name for the team that more fully identifies it to users.
Custodian Type If you will be tracking chain of custody, from the validated list, choose the type of custodian that this team plays.
Digital Signature Signature field that accommodates a digital signature that will work in Mobile
Seat Ratio - Target

The Space Planner may have already entered the desired employee-to-seat ratio for the team. The space planner uses this field to compare the current employee-to-seat ratio to this target. See Establishing the Target Employee-to-Seat Ratio.

Team Status By default this is set to Active. You can set this to Inactive if, for example, a team is formed for a project that has not yet begun, or has just been completed.
Team Function Enter a high level summary of the team’s mission, goals, or purpose.
Team Category Select from the team categories you have defined. Team categories can describe the team's role (such as maintenance, IT support, or assessment), or the equipment type the team supports (such as, servers, or mobile devices.) Team categories enable you to restrict, group, and report on teams in a more meaningful way.
Description Enter any additional comments you have about this team, such as the team's scope, or date range.
Highlight Pattern - ACAD The system uses this value to highlight this team on a floor plan. From Asset Management, this field is read-only. Both Smart Client and Web Central present the Set Highlight Pattern dialog for defining the properties of the highlight patterns. See Defining Highlight Patterns.
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