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Assessment Team

Once the emergency is contained, a business will naturally start to think of how to maintain operations given a changed infrastructure or resume business if the emergency has disrupted it. In order to get started with these recovery efforts, a business needs to assess its current conditions by asking such questions as which rooms are unusable? can equipment be repaired? what equipment must be replaced? To answer these questions, members of the assessment team travel throughout the facility to assess the condition of rooms, equipment, and facility systems. They can note if these items are usable, temporarily unavailable, or non-recoverable.

With this information, managers can prepare to move to a contingency location or operate with limited equipment and employees. They can also use this information to prioritize purchases, adjust business goals, estimate the recovery time frame, and so forth.

As a member of the assessment team, you will travel throughout the facility, inspect conditions, and then record your observations. See:

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