contract (Compliance application)

A service contract that is necessary to comply with a regulation and often specifies the exact regulatory requirements that the provider must meet. Complying with a regulation often requires that work be outsourced to specially trained and certified professionals, such as those who can service an elevator or hood range, and the terms of the outsourced arrangement are outlined in the contract.

For example, you might have a three-year contract for annual inspection and testing of vehicle-mounted aerial towers, scissors, lifts, and cranes. The contract may contain many contract terms, such as pricing, the list of units and equipment to inspect, the locations for the inspections, and the contact at each location.

Compliance contracts are assigned to regulations, and in turn may have assigned contract terms that detail the specifics of the contract. Together, they form a Regulation-Contract-Contract Term hierarchy.

Contracts are stored in the "Compliance Programs and Contracts" table (the regprogram table). This table also holds compliance programs. The Is Compliance Contract? field distinguishes contract records from compliance program records

Compare: service contract (Service Desk application).

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