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EH&S Documents: Overview

Safety managers often need to document policies and procedures, as well as specific workplace incidents and safety requirements. EH&S users work with the following types of documents:

Type of Document Example How Created
documents related to specific workplace incidents and work restrictions

marked-up floor plan drawing showing accident location

photograph of accident area

witness statement

investigation report

facility manager's order restricting work in an accident area


Using the Manage Document Library task, you directly add to the library documents that are related to workplace incidents and work restrictions. Complete the Related Incident and Related Work Restriction fields to associate these documents with existing incident and restriction records.

Using the Track Incident / Documentation tab, you add one or more documents to an incident. The system automatically completes the Related Incident field.

Working with the EH&S tasks, such as the Track Incident Witnesses task, Track Incident / Response tab, and Track Workplace Restrictions task, you add a document to the record by completing its document field. The system automatically adds the document to the library.

documents attached to the overall safety requirement

training manual attached to a training requirement

equipment manual attached to a PPE requirement

medical exam check list attached to medical monitoring requirement

Using the EH&S tasks, you attach the document and complete the Related PPE Type, Related Medical Monitoring, or Related Training field.
documents that are not associated with specific incidents or safety requirements policy papers, procedure manuals, workplace evaluation documents, OSHA publications, equipment maintenance records, regulatory audit results. Using the EH&S tasks or Manage Document Library task, you add the documents but do not associate with any safety requirement, incident, or workplace restriction records.
documents attached to specific executions of safety program requirements for specific employees

specific employee's training attendance record or exam results

signed receipt of a specific employee's PPE

Using the Track Employee PPE and Track Training Programs Assignments and Results tasks, you complete the task's document field.

These records can be accessed only through the Manage EH&S Internal Documents task.

The document library is especially handy for situations in which documents are shared across multiple requirements.

Note: Although all ARCHIBUS applications present tasks in which users associate documents with records using the ARCHIBUS document management system, only the Compliance, Emergency Preparedness, and EH&S applications take advantage of the document library. The document library filters the list of documents to only those that apply to the application of the current task. Therefore, when accessing the document library from EH&S, you will see only EH&S documents; you will not see documents from Lease Administration, Compliance, or Emergency Preparedness.

EH&S Document Tasks

Access EH&S documents from these tasks in the EH&S / Documentation process:

Task Purpose
Manage Document Library


  • documents attached to specific safety program requirements, such as the training manual for an EH&S training record or a procedure for a type of medical monitoring
  • documents are added to the library and are not associated with specific PPE, training, incident, or medical monitoring records. For example, a general HR training document that applies to several EH&S training programs.
Manage EH&S Internal Documents

Includes only documents added to the EH&S tables. This includes:

  • documents attached to incident reports
  • documents attached to specific safety program requirements, such as the training manual for an EH&S training record or a medical monitoring procedure
  • documents attached to specific executions of safety program requirements for specific employees.

This task is useful for users who need to show several pieces of information and documentation, avoiding the need to move through all the different application views to get each of the required documents.

Working with the Document Library

Setting up an Organization Structure

Because the library can contain documents from other applications as well as many EH&S-related documents, you may wish to organize your documents for easy access. To do so, you will need to first establish a system of safety-related document folders, categories, and types using the Background Data / Document Library Folders and Document Categories and Types tasks. Then, when you add documents to the library, you can save them according to the folder structure, category, and type for easy retrieval.

Entering Document Details

When you add a document to the library, you can specify several properties about your document; this information can be valuable when searching for your document within the library, managing a large set of documents, and managing general safety documents that are not associated with a particular incident or safety program requirement.

You can specify these general properties for your EH&S document:

Note: You can also specify the above information if you are adding your document using the Track Incidents task / Documentation tab.

Additionally, if you are adding a document that pertains to a specific workplace incident or restriction, or refers to a general PPE, training, or medical monitoring requirement (not to a specific employee's execution of this requirement), you can choose from existing items for:

Any time this information changes, such as if you wish to re-categorize the document or add additional notes, you can edit this information by using the Manage Document Library task.

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