In the Compliance Management application, events are specific occurrences of the actions needed for a requirement. These actions are typically generated from a compliance program requirement or contract term that has a recurring schedule associated with it. For example, an elevator safety program might have an event for monthly inspection of elevators that is generated from a requirement to inspect the elevators, or you may want to develop an event to remind yourself to pay the contractor. You can also assign events to compliance locations.

However, you can also manually add ad hoc events that do not follow a predictable schedule. These are referred to as non-recurring events. For example, you might choose to schedule a requirement to hold a fire drill each year at a time convenient for you, rather than automatically generating the date.

Extended questionnaires are assigned to requirements and contract terms; when events are generated for requirements and contract terms, the user assigned to the events must complete the questionnaire as part of completing the event. To do so, you use the Compliance Surveys mobile app or Web Central views.

Events are action items in the Activity Log table with the Activity Type of COMPLIANCE-EVENT.

Once you define events, you can receive notification reminders when their due date approaches.

See event status.

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