The specific action that is needed in order to comply with a regulation, standard, or initiative. For example, many states have regulations for the registration, construction, and inspection of storage tanks. A requirement for this type of regulation might be monthly inspection of your storage tanks. Requirements are organized by compliance programs that, in turn, are associated with regulations or initiatives.

For example, for an Asbestos regulation, you can have the following compliance programs that manage the regulation. Each compliance program, in turn, can have requirements, such as Supervisor License compliance program having a certification exam requirement. You can model the regulations to the level of detail appropriate for you organization. For example, in the below hierarchy, the AIR TESTING and AHERA NOTIFICATION compliance programs do not have requirements.


You can generate events for requirements that follow a recurring schedule, or you can manually enter an event for a requirement if the event does not follow a predictable schedule.

Requirements are stored in the Requirements (regrequirement) table. This table also stores contract terms.

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