extended questionnaire

ARCHIBUS V.23.2 introduced the extended questionnaire feature, which is used in the Compliance application. Like the original questionnaire system, extended questionnaires enable you to define a series of questions in database tables. You can then present these questions to your staff and store the results; however, extended questionnaires have additional features.

Extended questionnaires:

Extended questionnaires and answers are stored in their own set of tables that include "ex" in their table name to distinguish them from the questionnaire tables of the original questionnaire system. For example, questionnaire_ext, quest_question_ext, question_ext, quest_answer_ext, and so on.

In the Compliance application, questionnaires (typically designed for field inspections) are assigned to contract terms and program requirements. When events are generated for contract terms and program requirements, the user assigned to the event completes the questionnaire as part of the inspection process. The assigned user accesses the events and questionnaires from the Compliance Surveys mobile app or Web Central views on a laptop or tablet.

Compare: questionnaire system.

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