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Canceling Room or Resource Reservations

You can cancel a reservation from Web Central whether the reservation was made in Web Central or in Microsoft Outlook, using the ARCHIBUS Reservations Plugin for Outlook.

If Exchange integration is configured, Exchange sends the cancellation messages to attendees and visitors, and the corresponding meeting in Exchange is canceled. If Exchange integration is not configured, cancellation messages can be sent by email.

If you are a Reservation Manager, you can cancel multiple recurring or regular reservations at once from the My Reservations tab. See Canceling Multiple Reservations at Once - Reservations Managers.

Note: Your user role can affect whether you are able to cancel a reservation. See Roles in the Reservation Application. If you belong to a group other than "RESERVATION SERVICE DESK" or "RESERVATION MANAGER", you can only cancel reservations if the current date is before the minimum days ahead specified in the resource or room arrangement's Cancellation - Number of Day Ahead time. Also, only the Reservation Manager can select multiple meetings for cancellation.

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