Workplace Services / Reservations

View and Edit Reservations

You can edit room reservation from Workplace Services / Reservations / Reserve Rooms and Resources / View and Edit My Reservations task. This task includes a filter to quickly find a specific reservation.

This topic covers editing single reservations.

You can also copy room or resource reservations to create a new reservation. This can be a quick way to change the date for a single reservation. See Copying a Room or Resource Reservation.

If you need to cancel a room or resource reservation, see Canceling Single Room or Resource Reservations, or Canceling Multiple Reservations - Reservation Manager.

Note: If your site supports self-service users reserving meeting space using ARCHIBUS Workplace, this view will include reservations generated from Workplace. Reservations generated from ARCHIBUS Workplace are automatically approved. See Using ARCHIBUS Workplace.

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