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Editing Recurring Reservations

When you select a recurring reservation to edit, you can select whether you want to edit the single reservation you selected, or the selected reservation and all reservations that come after it in the series.

You can edit a recurring series, but you cannot change the recurrence pattern once a recurring reservation has been created. To change the recurrence pattern definition, you would first cancel the existing series, and then define a new series. See Canceling a Reservation Series, Creating Room and Resource Reservations, and Creating Resource Reservations. The topics about creating room and resource reservations have procedures that include the steps for creating recurring reservations.

Note: If your site supports self-service users reserving meeting space using ARCHIBUS Workplace, this view will include reservations generated from Workplace. Reservations generated from ARCHIBUS Workplace are automatically approved. See Using ARCHIBUS Workplace.

Note: You cannot edit reservations that have already occurred; you can edit only reservations that haven't started yet. This is true for all roles. For example, to be able to edit a reservation, the reservation's start time must be later than your site's current time.

Note: Because conference call reservations have multiple locations and can have multiple dates, editing these reservations is covered in a separate topic. See Editing Conference Call Reservations.

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