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Building Performance (Process Overview)

The Building Performance process is the starting point of your space inventory. With this process, you start your floor plan drawings and outline the areas on your floor plans that are not available for occupancy or general use; that is to say, the vertical penetration areas (elevator shafts, stairs, pipe shafts) and the service areas (rest rooms, lobbies, mechanical rooms). Once you have these areas defined, you will know which areas of the floor can be occupied by your departments and staff.

Note: Whether or not you are using the workspace transaction-based space features, or the non-transactional space features does not affect how you work with the Building Performance process. You follow the same procedure regardless of which feature set you are using.

As a result of developing these fundamental floor areas, you are able to generate several important statistics about your floor, and then have the system sum this floor information for the overall building. Specifically, you will be able to generate:

The Building Performance report conveniently sums all of this information and is important for those sites following IFMA conventions, as the ratios are defined by IFMA.


  1. If they are not already developed, a business process owner defines space hierarchies using the Define Locations task.
  2. A space manager or facility manager defines the types of vertical penetrations and service areas at your facility.
  3. A CAD specialist uses the Archibus Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD to develop CAD floor plan drawings that include the floor's gross areas, vertical penetration areas, and service areas. For information, see: 
  1. A CAD specialist saves the floor plan drawing as an enterprise graphic.
  2. A space manager or facility manager runs the Update Area Totals action.
  3. A space manager analyzes service area and vertical penetration usage.
  4. A space manager analyzes rentable area, usable area, and building performance statistics.

Note: Service areas and vertical penetrations are stored in the Rooms database table and are identified as service areas and vertical penetration areas by their room category and room type. Therefore, if you need to edit service area and vertical penetration information once it is developed, you can do so by running the Space Inventory / Room Inventory / Define Rooms task. From this task, search for rooms with Room Categories of VERT or SERV.

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