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Automatically Create Ports for Telecom Area Equipment

You can have the system automatically create ports for your add telecom area equipment using the Telecom Console's Equipment & Ports tab.

Note: It is not required that you create ports for telecom area equipment. When modeling connections with the Connect actions, you can connect directly to telecom area equipment item if you wish. For more precise connection documentation, connect to a port on a telecom equipment item.

This requires that you first define a numbering convention and other information by working with these tasks:

To automatically create ports for equipment:

  1. Access the Equipment & Ports tab in the Telecom Console's left pane.
  2. Check the box for the desired Telecom Area equipment in the tab's left column.

    Any ports assigned to the selected equipment appear in the pane below the list of Telecom Area equipment.

  3. If you need to create ports for this equipment item, click the Create Ports for Equipment button, located above the list of telecom area equipment.
    • The system generates the port records and numbers them according to the port configuration you specified. The system displays a message confirming the system has created ports for the selected equipment, according to the defined equipment standard and port configuration.
    • To see the generated ports listed on the form, you must reselect the equipment item.
    • The system notifies you if ports have already been created according to the defined standard and configuration, or if it does not have the necessary configuration and standard information.